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THEATRE MOMENTS Outreach Program

Theatre is one of the ways, for a group of people, to create things by working collaboratively. As a total theatre company, we, Theatre Moments, participate various projects which are not limited to plays, but something in which we can work with many people as a group to catch sparkles in moments.

[ Onioi Performance on Setsubun,
a day celebrating the coming of spring ]

The Bean-Scattering Ceremony / "Fortune in and demons out!"
ONI-OI Performance

Choonji, located in Itako-city, Ibaraki prefecture, requested Theatre Moments to make a performance for the bean-scattering ceremony on Setsubun in order to vitalize the local community with the event.
Why not, Theatre Moments gladly accepted the offer and arranged a traditional Japanese ritual into their original performance with a modern taste.
On the day of Setsubun, wearing a historical mask on the face and holding a torch in the hand, actors disguised in evil spirits, run down the approach and lush around a stage built in the temple ground.
At the ending, a happy man and a happy woman of the year, selected from the crowd, wipe out the evil.
Each year the company gets the larger audience as this event is becoming popular in the community.

[ The Urayasu Yosakoi Festival ]

As requested from one Urayasu community who wanted to make a strong bond among local residents, Theatre Moments created an original dance piece exclusively for the community and composed original music which took some rhythms from old songs. Choreography was based on the experimental movements came out from the participants themselves through the workshops that the company held to elementary school students in the area. Finally, the Yosakoi dance was completed by collaborating with local dwellers, and the piece has been now acknowledged among them and performed on a field day of several elementary schools in the area.


Theatre Moments has been holding workshops based on Stanislavski techniques and Lecoq method to train actors. With sufficient experiences as a workshop leader over 10 years, the two founders of Theatre Moments guide actors to enhance their characteristics and potentials. In addition, they also hold workshops to elderly people and children who have no experiences in acting, in order to give opportunities of trying acting and to tell the fun part in playing to many people.
Furthermore, Theatre Moments eagerly collaborates with local residents and those who have no access or experience in theatre so that they contributes to increase public interests in an overall theatre fields.
Performing at schools is one of good opportunities to explore further possibilities for the company’s development. Theatre Moments has performed The Happy Prince at an elementary school, and currently the company plans to present The Metamorphosis as a repertoire for students above middle school.

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From "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka
Photo From "Sakurano Morino Mankaino Shita (Under the Cherry Blossoms)" by Ango Sakaguchi
Photo From "Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde
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